As you operate CNC machinery, make sure to do some research about what you must and must not do to keep yourself safe all the time. Generally, computer numerical control (CNC) is safe to use. However, if a worker fails to use it properly, it could easily risk their safety. Because of that, the workers need to be aware of the dos and don’ts that must be unbreakable.  

If you have a safe workplace, you can surely attract the greatest employees. The productivity and worker satisfaction will be kept high while the costs and turnover associated with workplace accidents stay low. Now, here are the things you should pay attention to make sure that your workers are safe in their workplace: 

Perform these things before you operate your CNC machine 

Here’s a quick to-do list to consider: 

Just utilize tools within the limits of the manufacturer and tighten them to their intended torque 

Set the direction of the spindle correctly for left- and right-handed operators 

Assess seating surfaces for cleanliness before you install new tools 

Try tools before every new use 

Reinspect whether you have set the correct tool data for program 

Reinspect to guarantee that all tools are properly set 

Make sure that the tools are free of cracks and sharp 

Guarantee that the CNC machine is not functioning if you load a tool magazine 

Have at least one supervisor to observe the CNC machine operation 

For others, it is enticing to just leave the room while the automated CNC machine performs its work. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong. However, there will be times when the CNC machine does not work properly or breaks. This is only natural since they are machines. Moreover, this is when accidents can take place as well. Hence, guarantee to have any of your CNC machine observed by at least one individual.  

Make sure that you’re trained to operate a CNC machine before operating one 

This may seem to be a simple and obvious tip, however, other companies let untrained employees control CNC machinery who only have little to no training at all. If you allow this, a lot of accidents will be bound to happen.  

Some don’ts before the operation 

You should never utilize tools that are either chipped, cracked, or blunt. When you can observe that your tools have damaged tips, then make sure to never use it and look for a new and sharp tool.  

Ensure that you are mentally focused all the time 

If you think that you feel ill and it’s difficult for you to concentrate due to sickness, never operate a CNC machinery. Your supervisors will have to send their employees home once they notice that they are unusually behaving. As workers, you have to let your managers know when something is going on. It would be much better to miss a couple of hours from work than being severely injured due to the mishandling of equipment.