Cleaning and disinfecting the high-touch surface all over your home regularly is an important safety measure you can do to lower the risk of infection, such as flu and Coronavirus. Hence, we highly suggest that you utilize the cleaning services from the Detroit cleaning pros for effective and safe housekeeping and for the safety measures that they ask you to do. Guarantee that your home is well-ventilated as well. Other national agencies have created several lists of anti-products that are effective in combating coronavirus as much as possible.  

Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces 

All houses differ, but, the usual surfaces that are usually touched include kitchen surfaces, bathroom, toilets, mobile phones, computers, light switches, taps, door handles, chairs, handrails, tables, game controllers, remote control tabs, keyboards, and your kid’s favorite toys.  

What you should use for cleaning and disinfecting? 

If a home surface is dirty, make sure to clean it up right away with water and detergent or soap. Then, utilize a disinfectant product that has nearly 70 percent bleach or alcohol. Vinegar and other natural products aren’t highly suggested in this case. There are other nooks and crannies within your home that are hard to reach with only disinfectant sprays and wipes. If you’re struggling with this, make sure to use water and soap in the meantime. You can also make a solution of diluted bleach for other areas.  

How can you disinfect? 

Basically, you should refrain from wiping off the cleaning solutions right away after you apply it onto a surface. For them to be effective, the majority of the disinfectant products like wipes and sprays need to be kept wet on surfaces for many minutes. Make sure to always read the instruction and use the product just how it was instructed. Attempt to prevent harming delicate products like electronic devices and cellphones. For such items, you may need to utilize wipeable covers.  

Safety measures to do while utilizing cleaning services 

  • The service should follow CDC guidelines for work preparedness and for employees and guarantee a hygienic and clean workplace. 
  • All the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle they utilize must be disinfected every night.  
  • The cleanings services staff should be fortified with anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for use at houses and in between. 
  • Vacuum and all types of attachments need to be disinfected between homes during the day and at the end of the day as well.  
  • Make sure that all cleaning cloths are disinfected and laundered between homes before they will be utilized again. 
  • They used vacuum by the team should be more than 99 percent effective when it comes to obtaining pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, particles, and bacteria from the softer surfaces like carpets, rugs, and upholstery.  
  • Guarantee that the service team sanitizes and disinfects the light switches, telephones, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, and all of the mostly-touched surfaces in your home that are stated earlier.  
  • Guarantee that the service providers are wearing shoe covers, masks, and gloves.